Sunday, October 31, 2010

Here we go!!!!!!!!

 I am the King Mom , along with the King Dad we are raising 3 children. C . S. and R. Our blog is about the struggle of raising 3 kids. C. is the oldest, she is a college student amd works at a local grocery in the deli. She loves shopping, texting her friends and our dog Snoopy. R. is the youngest, he is in the 5th grade. He loves video games, country music and his b.b. gun. S. is the middle child, she is a freshman, she loves volleyball, reading and our dog Snoopy. Our blog is dedicated to other families struggling with Type 1 diabetes and it's complications. S. was diagnosed with Type 1 when she was 8, we have had 5 years of no real problems. This summer S. started having  a variety of symptoms, 1st  was exhaustion. a blood test discovered low acting thyroid. She started taking Synthroid and she started feeling better. 2nd symptom was tingling and numbness in her feet,  that was Peripheral Neuropathy. We started the medication Gabapentin.  Our A1c has consistanly been 7.4 , our doctors did not seem openly concerned. Our endocrinologist said we are doing everything right. In August S. started randomly vomitting. Our blood sugars were crazy up and down like a yo yo. We went to our endocrinologist, he thought maybe a virus but he wanted to check for celiac disease first. The test was negative. The vomitting was getting worse and she now didn't even want to eat. After being in the hospital for 4 days we left with the diagnosis of gastroparesis.  and here is where we begin.