Sunday, February 6, 2011

Final Post

   I have learned so much during this gastro journey. I know things like, even though Sammie's  A1C has
been 7.1 - 7.4 for almost 4 years terrible complications can still happen. I know things like , when your stomach does not empty properly your intestines do not empty properly. I know what a motility catheter is and what it does. I have also learned that the line between overwhelming sadness and overwhelming happiness is an invisible line. 
   As Randy, Sammie and I will leave Nationwide Children's Hospital, I  have overwhelming happiness because Sammie will be coming home with a permanent gastric pacemaker. Coming home also brings me overwhelming sadness because I will be saying good -bye to my beloved mother.
  I have so many people to thank whom without there love and support this gastro journey would have been nearly impossible. First, I want to thank my mother, she is the one who taught me to always, no matter what be your child's advocate.  I want to thank my brothers and sisters who filled in for me so I would leave our precious mother.  I want to thank my United Baptist Church family, your support has meant everything to me. My mother's family in Wisconsin (Anna and Sarah and Linda) always kept my family in their prayers, .I want to thank my Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Frank, and my Salyers cousins who always had us in their thoughts and prayers. I really could not have made it through this journey without my daughter Cassie, she had to be Little Randy's mommy while I was away. Big Randy for loving me and listening to me. I want to thank Sammie, your life has not been smooth sailing. The waves have been rough, but God has always held on to our ship. I will continue to be your advocate, I will continue to fight for awareness and I will always fight for a CURE.  Please never forget your grandmother loved you and was very proud of you.