Saturday, January 11, 2014

Back to square one :(

                                     Well, much has happened since my last post (sad face)
. This picture was taken just a few days after Christmas and it was the most wonderful Christmas ever!!! There were few presents under the tree but that didn't matter because for those few days Sammie ATE!!! Ham, mashed potatoes, biscuits, boneless wings with honey BBQ, buttered potatoes, pizza, spaghetti,  French toast with bacon and sausage, panko parm chicken crusted with rice. She was able to drink grape juice and kool-aid and water. It sounds silly but it was amazing. 
On December 30th, Sammie started vomiting again and complaining of a headache . She had been exposed to the stomach virus and type A flu so I cautiously watched her for 2 days. Sammie was admitted to Cabell Huntington Hospital on January 2nd with meningitis again. Have you ever had the wind knocked out of you? That is how I felt when I got the word "no more IVIG treatments" it was deemed too dangerous because of round 2 of meningitis. IVIG had given her the ability to eat again and without it she will be back at square one.
Our doctor in Louisville is sending Sammie to Jackson Mississippi. he is not giving up but he has tried everything. Her appt is February 7th. I will take us 12 hours to drive there from Ohio. I am not sure how I feel about this appt. I am concerned he cant help her with just one visit. The expense will be great and that is a huge worry. . The emotional toll this takes on Sammie is another huge concern.  I believe God has a plan and we will take it day by day, keeping her spirits up .

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