Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back to Children's

  Well, we are back at Children's today. Sammie is having a  gastric emptying study.
She had to eat scrambled eggs sprinkled with a radioactive tracer. Then she gets x-rayed for 3 minutes, we wait for 2 hours then she gets x-rayed again for another 3 minutes. This should tell the doctors here how slowly her stomach emptys. This test was done at Cabell Huntington in October and  after 235 minutes her stomach was still not emptying. We are praying for an improvement today.
  She woke this morning with a blood sugar of 60, and was not allowed to eat or drink anything. We were able to get her glucose levels up by disconnecting her insulin pump for a while. She is feeling very sick to her stomack today and was only able to eat about half the eggs before her vomiting started.  Praying the test will be successful!!!! Now for some quality time with her, my better half and Little Randy.

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  1. My Grandpa had Diabetes. I keep hoping and praying that someday they find a cure. So sorry your family has to go through that.