Sunday, January 30, 2011

Columbus Round One

Sammie and Dad in shuttle on way to hospital

Sammie having some fun.

Sammie being silly , with her bubble gum mask.

Sammie with her pre - surgery nurses.

Sammie and dad acting silly.

Sammie and mom.

Sammie with her surgery nurses

Sammie's room.

Sammie and Aunt Helana

Sammie and Glenna

Sammie and Little Randy

The blue wire is the pacemaker lead. It is attached to her tummy through her nose.

This is the actual pacemaker. 

This is the doctor who did the temporary surgery and will do the permament surgery. his name is Doctor Steven Teich and he is the worlds best surgeon for gastric pacemakers.

 Finally, I have a few free minutes to post Sammie's progress and some pictures.  Sammie had a temporary pacemaker put in on Friday. When she was being wheeled on the hallway toward her room , where I was waiting.She was awake and alert, and the miserable sick look was gone from her pretty face. Her first words were " Mom, I feel better. I think it is working".  She did really well all of Friday and the morning on Saturday, since then not doing so well.  Hopefully permament pacemaker will be placed Monday or Tuesday.

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