Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Letter To Type 1 Diabetes From A Mom

Dear Type 1 Diabetes,

At this time six years ago you entered our lives. I did not know you and really I had not heard too much about you. You snuck into our lives without notice and lied hiding in wait. Slowly but surely you began to rear your ugly head. You took an eight  year old, active, fun loving, little girl and you made her tired, sluggish and sick. You did not give yourself away too fast, you camouflage yourself so well. You were undetectable to an untrained eye, as you planed the first of what I'm sure were many attacks. Only seeming like a flu that would go away and come back in a few weeks. What I did not know was that this sweet, little girl had an amazing and strong body fighting you every step of the way. You would attack then she would counter, you would attack again and she would match your every step. I really do not know how long this battle went on, but that poor little 8 year old's body just could not keep up with you and on Jan. 3rd 2005 her pancreas was unable to continue this fight. That is when Type 1 diabetes became our new "normal". There was nothing that she could have done, you had consumed her pancreas. You dug your nasty little claws into her and you were not leaving. We do not know where you came from or why you are here but let me tell you something, I will not rest until we find a way to DESTROY you. We will find a cure, but until then you will be fighting me every morning, noon and night. I am the mother of that sweet, amazing, wonderful, brave,tough girl and you have met your match. I can and I will give Sammie everything that she needs to defeat you. You may knock us down but we WILL get right back up and fight you even harder. I will do everything in my power to ensure that you do not take my babies eyes, you will not destroy my  girl's heart,and kidneys, You have taken enough. I see you now, I know you now and everyday that passes I learn more and more about you. I am watching and I will always be watching and I will be patient and I will wait and I will not give up until we find a cure, we will crush you!!

In extreme hatred
Caroline , or better known to you, as Sammie's mom

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