Thursday, January 6, 2011

This is not good!!!

   Just when I thought everything was going smoothly, we have hit a bump! Sammie has been feeling so bad, barely eating or drinking. ( a bite or 2 ). She seems more exhausted than ever. Sammie takes her synthroid    every morning at 5 am and this morning at 5 she was already awake and moaning. She was hurting!! Gastroparesis does cause some stomach discomfort but not this much pain. I thought maybe she was constipated, so we waited to see if bowels would move. If only you knew Sammie she is pretty cool. She has an abnormally high pain tolerance. ( like scary ) She was doubling over in pain and vomiting so hard.
  Thankfully her blood sugars have been right on target. I guess we will see tomorrow what our doctors think, I am really not wanting to transfer to Columbus. Cassie turns 19 on Saturday and I want to spend more time with my mother before we go to Columbus for the "real good stuff" I will do what is best for Sammie :)

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