Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Mom

     I have the most amazing mother . She left her family in Wisconsin when she married my father, they moved to Franklin Furnace. She raised 6 children with virtually no help, she could not call her mother daily, she could not jump in her car and go see her when she needed something. She is my role model of what a great mom should be.
     My mom quit her job to stay home and help take care of Sammie , so I could work.
( Sammie was only 2)  My mom has been by my side for every milestone. My mom and I  had a party when Sammie finally weighed over 20 lbs.. She has been by my side for every hospital stay, when she was diagnosed with diabetes my mom helped us all through those first days.
    This hospital stay ( and the few before this one) are different. My mom is no longer able to be my side. She is fighting her own battle. It breaks my heart to say she is losing her battle. On Monday I must leave my precious momma to get help for Sammie. I will be losing time with her, time I can never have back.  I have been working for weeks to find Sammie help for gastroparesis, and I am soo excited for the pacer, it will change her life.  But my heart is breaking to leave my mother behind. I know now is the time to be strong. I love my husband and children but I really just want to be my mommies little girl again. I love you momma!!!

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  1. This post brought tears to my eyes ... I always think of your mom as being gracious and gentle, and you are demonstrating those same characteristics as you walk this difficult road.